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Gantry Hoists

The Oxford Easy Track System is designed for use with the Oxford Voyager. The unique track system does not require permanent structural fixings and can be applied to almost any room whether that be bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. The track system can be assembled and de-assembled quickly for transportation or storage. The track is available in many variations for different types of rooms. Please select the right track system for you. If you need any more information, feel free to get in touch on 01772 814555.  

Model: VOY-9720010K & VOY-9800005.04-UK
Oxford Easytrack FS Free Standing portable gantry hoist is an excellent portable tracking hoist for high dependant service users who need assistance to be lifted into bed, out the bath, bed to chair, chair to bed etc. The system comes with a 2 year Warranty. As the Oxford Easytrack FS Free Stan..
Ex Tax:£2,250.00
Model: VOY-9720010K
Our Portable lightweight tracker hoist with a 3 meter extending rail is perfect for disabled customers looking to travel from home.  The track ststem is very easy to assemble within minutes.  The Voyager portable hoist is easily fitted.The Oxford Easytrack FS with 3 meter extended rail is ..
Ex Tax:£1,320.00
Model: 1001CP200/FSG
Prism Free Standing Gantry and Portable Hoist PackageThe Prism Free Standing Gantry and Portable hoist can be purchased together as a package, at a discounted price this will be saving you money.The Free Standing Gantry System is designed to provide both the carer and user a safe, stable hoist track..
Ex Tax:£1,995.00
Model: VOY-9800005.04-UK
Oxford Voyager Portable HoistThe Oxford Voyager Portable Hoist is light, portable and compact. Fully functional and ideal for residential use. The portable like design enables the user to easily carry to and from the tracking system whilst travelling. Despite its compact design, it can lift up to..
Ex Tax:£1,145.00
Model: VOY-700.0534
Oxford Voyager Portable Extending Spreader BarThis 6-Point Extending Spreader Bar (with extending strap)  is for the Oxford Voyager Portable Track Hoist. Be assured, all of our Spare Parts come with a 12 Month Warranty. For more Oxford Voyager Spare Parts, Click Here. If you need..
Ex Tax:£120.00
Brand: Oxford Model: VOY-002.17010
Oxford Easytrack FS Carry bag is designed to store the Easytrack 2 Post rail and the 2 posts...
Ex Tax:£199.00
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