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Travel Hoists

Oxford Travel Hoists are designed to be portable. Travel Hoists can be packed up or folded making travelling with the equipment easier. Travel Hoists include the Oxford Advance folding hoist, Oxford Voyager Portable Track Hoist and Easy Track FS Gantry system.

Model: VOY-9720010K & VOY-9800005.04-UK
Oxford Easytrack FS Free Standing portable gantry hoist is an excellent portable tracking hoist for high dependant service users who need assistance to be lifted into bed, out the bath, bed to chair, chair to bed etc. The system comes with a 2 year Warranty. As the Oxford Easytrack FS Free Stan..
Ex Tax:£2,250.00
Oxford Advance Folding HoistThe Oxford Advance is compact and easy to manoeuvre. The exceptional foldable design ensures easy storage and onward transportation. The Advance is small and versatile and can lift up to 155 kg (24 st). The award winning Oxford Advance patient hoist is a real stride ..
Ex Tax:£1,450.00
Model: 10002
Molift Smart 150 Folding hoist is the easiest, lightest, usable hoist on the market.  Lifts a max. of 24 Stone or 150Kg off the floor, goes through 75cm doors easily, weighs only 25Kg with battery and 24kg minus battery, separates into 2 pieces easily and comes with a battery and charger.&..
Ex Tax:£2,025.00
Model: VOY-9800005.04-UK
Oxford Voyager Portable HoistThe Oxford Voyager Portable Hoist is light, portable and compact. Fully functional and ideal for residential use. The portable like design enables the user to easily carry to and from the tracking system whilst travelling. Despite its compact design, it can lift up to 20..
Ex Tax:£1,145.00
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