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Oxford Sling accessories including.

Model: SL1700
Oxford Head/Neck RollThe Oxford Head/Neck roll provides additional comfort and support for the patient when they are in a Sling. The Head/Neck roll can be used with a range of Oxford Slings...
Ex Tax:£46.40
Model: SL2650
Sling Extension Straps (pair)Oxford Sling Extension Straps (pair) for use a range of oxford slings. These extension straps increase the length between a sling and patient lift. Extension Strap Length: 600mm (60cm, 23.6")..
Ex Tax:£19.20
Model: SL1118
Oxford Side Suspenders (Long Seat)Oxford Side Suspenders are suitable with all Oxford Long Seat slings. The Oxford Long Seat Sling is designed for amputees but can also be used for any patient. The hammock style sling is traditionally fitted to the patient when they are lying down facilitating ..
Ex Tax:£51.00
Model: SL1043
Oxford Side Suspenders (Quickfit)Oxford Side Suspenders are suitable with all Oxford Quickfit Slings. The Oxford Quickfit is suitable for almost any patient and is one of the most/recognised amongst clients. The sling has positioning handles and coloured attachment loops that ensures&..
Ex Tax:£51.00
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