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Mermaid Electric Bath Hoist - Side Fit with Ranger Seat

Mermaid Electric Bath Hoist - Side Fit with Ranger Seat
Mermaid Electric Bath Hoist - Side Fit with Ranger Seat

Oxford Mermaid Electric Bath Lift

The Oxford Mermaid Bath Lift is designed to safely transfer patients in and out of the bath. The Mermaid bath lift ensures reliability with its robust design. The Mermaid Electric has an emergency stop/raise feature, providing extra safety for the user during lifts and transfers. To operate the Mermaids electric features, a handset is provided. Powered Raising/Lowering is controlled via the handset. The battery pack on the Electric Mermaid is also detachable.

Mermaid SWL (Safe Working Load): 125kg/20st/276lbs

This Electric Bath hoist fits at the Side of your bath. This Mermaid includes a Ranger Seat.

Bath Lift Installation: 

Wooden and concrete floor bolts are supplied with the mermaid for a choice of installation into two floor types. If you would like the Mermaid Bath Hoist to be installed (additional cost), please call the office on 01772 814 555, we would be happy to help! Please note, the additional cost of installation is subject to the bath hoists location and floor type. 

Whats included?

Mermaid Bath Lift

Plastic (Standard) seat

Wooden and Concrete floor bolts

Hand Control



If you are looking for Oxford Mermaid spare parts Click Here. We also supply a range of Seat Kits and Accessories.

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