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Oxford Midi 180 Electric Leg Hoist

Oxford Midi 180 Electric Leg Hoist
Oxford Midi 180 Electric Leg Hoist

Oxford Midi 180 Electric Leg Hoist

The Oxford Midi 180 Electric Leg hoist is the perfect solution for community and nursing homes. The Midi is suited in environments that offer little space that could limit manoeuvrability. The midi 180 is available in both hydraulic and electric versions. 

The Oxford Midi 180 Electric Leg lifter is also very popular in areas where there is a limited power supply. With a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 180 kg (27st), the Midi ensures hoisting patients won't be a problem. There are three different sizes of spreader bar available Paediatric (Small), Standard (Medium) and Large to ensure the service user is comfortable and feels safe.  

Free Quickfit Poly Sling worth £80 with this order!

The Oxford Midi 180 also incorporate the unique SmartTm Monitor which:  

  • Identifies service interval periods
  • Identifies total number of actuations and work completed
  • Provides a battery level indicator
  • Identifies lifts above the SWL providing safety

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