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Calibre Handset (Smart Monitor Only)

Calibre Handset (Smart Monitor Only)
Calibre Handset (Smart Monitor Only)

Oxford Calibre Handset (4 way) (Standard)

This 4-Button Handset is for the Oxford Calibre Hoist. The buttons facilitate the Hoists Up/Down functions and powered legs. The handset is only for the Smart Monitor System. Be assured, all of our Spare Parts come with a 12 Month Warranty. For more Oxford Calibre Spare Parts, Click here.

About the Oxford Calibre

The Oxford Calibre bariatric patient lifting hoist will lift a person weighing 60St or 385g, which is one of the largest Safe Working Loads in the world for patient lifting. Service users weighing 40kg, 50kg or even 60kg need to be lifted safely as well as the care support personal as this sort of weight can seriously injure a person.  The hoist has an integrated weigh scale to help manage a persons weight. The hoist is very comfortable with its 6-point cradle and powered leg positioning system.  There is an excellent twin pivoted castor system which aids manoeuvring your client.  The hoist has been designed with a custom design sling system which is available. The Class III rated digital weigh scale comes as standard and assists people to manage their weight and informs care support staff of customers weight easily and with dignity. 

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