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Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)

Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)
Molift Air 200 (Lithium Battery)

Molift Air 200 Ceiling Hoist

The Molift Air 200 is the newest member of the Molift Air family. The Molift Air 200 is smaller than its predecessors, but does not lack in functionality. The Molift Air 200 provides optimal comfort and safety in hoisting situations. With a SWL (Safe Working Load) of 205kg and a low total product weight, the Molift Air 200 offers a versatile hoisting solution. 

A Flexible Ceiling Hoist...

Just like the other Molift Air models, this Molift Air 200 can be used with Fixed Track ceiling solutions and free-standing Portable systems. The Molift Air 200 is also easy to install and transfer with its extra low weight and quick release system. With the provided 2-button handset, the ceiling hoist's lifting feature (Up/Down) can be controlled with ease. The Molift Air 200 can also be combined with a range of 2-point and 4-point spreader bars, available in different sizes to suit the patient. 


Expected Lifetime: 30 000 lifts SWL/10 Years

Molift Service Software: Included

Emergency Lowering: Mechanical and Electrical

Emergency Stop: Reachable from floor with string - Reset possible from floor 

Whats Included:

- Molift Air 200 Ceiling Hoist

- Hand Control

- Charger

- Lithium Battery

See the Molift Air 200 In Action!:

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