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Molift Nomad ceiling hoist (SWL 205 kg)

Molift Nomad ceiling hoist (SWL 205 kg)
Molift Nomad ceiling hoist (SWL 205 kg)

Molift Nomad ceiling hoist (SWL 205 kg)

The Molift Nomad is a ceiling hoist with an integrated 4-point suspension that provides users with comfortable and spacious hoisting positions. The Nomad can also be used with a range of Molift slings. With electronic functions such as overload protection, emergency lowering and emergency and stop, safe hoisting is ensured. The Nomad is connected to a special rail system that enables easy room to room transfer. The Nomad offers accessible controls with the provided handset or integrated display. The integrated display also notify's the care-giver when the Nomad is due for a service and provides data on the hoists service history. 

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  • Model: 22205
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  • JAN: 1985
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